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Agricultural work tool par excellence, way of transport, residual warrior or more recently auxiliary our leisure, the animal that has the greater history has never ceased to inspire the artist.
From its values such as strength, elegance, nobility, Caracole takes its inspiration to create unique pieces of horse hair jewelry.


We chose only exceptional raw material to produce our jewelry.

Coated with Rhodium, sterling silver 925 and gold 18 carats represent our main selections.
Diamonds set on Caracole jewelry are coming from legitimate sources, according to the United Nations regulations. Caracole, basing its statement on the written guaranties provided by its supplier, can certify that those diamonds are «conflict free».

Leather used are exceptional pieces such us, for instance, ‘Plume’ lambskin or ‘Madras’ goatskin..


Our workshops are all based in France. We have the privilege to work with a weaver with a dexterity equivalent to her expertise and a foundry owner Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant & Joaillerie de France certified, selected for his exceptional savoir-faire, recognized  for his expertise toward the most prestigious French luxury firms.
Leather used in our collections are all made in France and entirely hand finished.


Originally, horsehair is used for furniture garment and well known for that during the 18th century.
First handcrafted, it is then used mechanically, the first weaving loom appearing in 1872. Nowadays, horsehair is still used to make high decoration pieces and luxury accessories or in jewelry.

Different from the breeding technique, weaving horse hair is a delicate work that only a few weavers can master today. That work requires a great deal of precision and an infinite patience because horse hair, with its great difference in thickness, short and quite rigid, imposes its technical constraints. Caracole is pleased to suggest you fine pieces of horse hair jewelry (bracelets, pendants...), made with our unrivalled skills.


At Caracole, horse hairs that we weave are firstly selected according to their length, their resistance and their colour with regards to the chosen pattern. Then, they are hand cleaned with an ecological soap. After a time of drying flat, they are woven by hand, hair by hair, to give a final, soft and resistant texture, with shimmering warm colours.
The woven ribbons cannot be damaged by water nor dust. If you take care of it, your piece of jewelry will stay by you for many years.


Caracole is committed to an ethical way of collecting horse hair. Only a very few hair is required to make one piece of jewelry. The collection is clearly inoffensive for the horse knowing that horse hair from the tail can grow for about 20 centimetres per year. If you choose a jewel made out of horse hair, you have two options.
You can collect the hair by yourself according some advice here or we can provide with some selected hair from our stock.

Caracole is pleased to participate to the preservation of the French savoir-faire and to make you share its passion for horses and its love for beautiful pieces of art.

Caracole suggests you perfect gifts for horse lovers such as horse hair bracelets, equestrian jewels and more custom horse hair jewelry.