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Alexiane our daughter fell in love with horses at the age of 6 years. At that time, her pony Pop-Roc is what she holds most dear. Alexiane spends all her free time to look after her, feeling her greatest joys in competitions or during walks in the countryside outside the riding stable. Nothing makes our daughter happier.

A few years later, Alexiane reached a size not allowing her to ride ponys and the sad truth is becoming evident. We need to separate from Pop-Roc. It's a real tear. Their relationship became so strong that this sad news is difficult to accept.

Fascinated by this unique relationship that our daughter has with her pony, we are in turn caught up in this world of passion, elegance and unforgettable experiences - we discover our love for horses.

The emotion aroused in us by this story leads us to create a unique jewellery piece, the idea is that it will continue the love between Alexiane and Pop-Rock. Since then, our daughter wears our first woven bracelet with black and chestnut hair from Pop-Roc.

Over time, the passion for horses of Alexiane strengthens. She is never separated from the bracelet or the necklace, made of light gray horsehair from Vany, her new horse. More than just jewellery, it is for her strong symbols of bonds established with her two companions.

Caracole was born from this idea.

Alexiane became the muse of Caracole  without even realizing it. More than a model, she is the spirit of the company: passion, excellence, freedom, audacity ... the values that forged Caracole for years and that we are now seeking to share. Welcome to our universe !