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Taking measurements is crucial and to be done with care. Please write the precise measurements of wrist, neck or finger so that we adjust the piece of jewellery perfectly. Please note that we cannot resize the pieces of jewellery once made.


For the ring we need the finger size and the unit. Ring size standards vary from region to region and we prefer to have the perimeter in millimetres. Any unit will do, but please let us know which unit you use. The best way to have your ring size determined is to visit your local jeweller.


Wrist is measured at the wrist bone, at the widest point. Use a measuring tape for this operation.


Neck is measured at its lower point .


The leather

Leather bracelets
Swrist from 14 to 14,5 cmIntermediate measures are used to qualify your choice. For example, if your wrist measures 14.8 cm, you can select a size S (tighter) or M (more comfortable), depending on how you like to wear your bracelet.
Mwrist from 15 to 15,5 cm
Lwrist from 16 to 16,5 cm
XLwrist from 17 to 17,5 cm
XXLwrist from 18 to 18,5 cm

Ring sizes

J4 1/2488
J 1/2-K4 3/4499
K 1/2-L5 1/45010
L 1/25 3/45111
M-M 1/265212
N6 1/45313
N 1/2-06 3/45414
O 1/275515
P-P 1/27 1/25616
Q-Q 1/27 3/45717
R8 1/45818
R 1/2-S8 3/45919
S 1/296020
9 3/46222