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1 - You choose a model

You choose the model among our collections that most appeals to you.

Or would you like to share with us your idea about a special design for a piece of jewellery?
Please contact us !

2 – You can order through this web site

Take your measurements (wrist, finger, or neck) and order on line via our secured web boutique or by phone at +33 972 40 21 43.
If your piece of jewellery does not include your horsehair, then your task ends here. If your horse’s hair is included, then follow the next step, which is to send us your horse’s hair.

Need some help on how to take your measurements ?

3 – Get some hair from your horse(s) and send it to us

Required length: for the best implementation of your piece, the rule is that the length of the hair should be approximately the length of your measurement plus 16 inches.
For example, for a wrist of 6.7 inches, the ideal length to send us is around 22.7 inches. Generally speaking, the horsehair should be as long as possible, ideally the length of the tail.

Quality of hair: We only use hair from the tail. Please avoid hair from the mane and hair resulting from grooming, as this is too fragile.

Quantity of hair : We need approximately 150 strands of hair. But you don’t need to count the individual strands; this amount represents a lock of hair about the thickness of your little finger.

Send the hair : Do not put tape on the hair. Place the hair in a plastic bag together with your order number and send the whole envelope to:

7, rue des Roses
57690 Flétrange

4 – We will make your piece of jewellery and send it to your address

As soon as we receive your hair, we will give it to our workshop to be prepared and woven.
When the ribbon is done, we will assemble it with the precious metal pieces you have chosen and send it to you in a nice jewellery box.

Learn more about delivery