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FAQ - Your questions, our answers

What is the difference between braiding and weaving ?

Most horsehair jewellery is braided. The jewellery proposed by Caracole is hand-woven. The weaving, which is an art in itself, requires a great of attention to detail and infinite patience because horsehair, which is of unequal thickness, short and relatively inelastic, imposes special technical constraints. Only a few master craftsmen in the world have perfected the technique. At Caracole, the strands are first sorted according to their length, uniformity, strength and colour, according to the customer's desired pattern. They are then hand-woven, hair by hair, to achieve a texture that is both soft and durable.

How to care of my jewellery piece ?

Yes you can wear your jewellery everywhere and in almost all circumstances. Please be aware if you choose to wear your horsehair jewellery next to other metallic jewellery pieces or a watch with sharp edges, you run the risk of damaging the weave. Also refrain from wearing your jewellery while tinkering or gardening or playing a contact sport to avoid snagging the weave or scratching the precious metal.

How should I clean my jewellery ?

You can wash your jewellery with soapy water. Use a soft toothbrush to delicately clean the horsehair then rinse with hot water to remove the excess soap. It is best to use a neutral or mild soap. Avoid contact with corrosive or strong substances. We recommend that you use the type of small wet wipes found at your jeweller to clean the metal parts and to maintain their lustre.

Is horsehair resistant ?

Horsehair is used in saddlery, haute couture, and in making luggage and musical instruments. It is a substance that is shimmering and soft like silk, while also being robust and resistant to dust and moisture. Readily washable in water, horsehair is extremely durable. If you take care of your jewellery, it will last for years to come...

I have taken some hair for my jewellery, how long will it take until the hair grows back?

We only need a very small quantity of horsehair to create your jewellery. Horsehair from the tail grows at a rate of 15 to 25 cm per year.

I would like to give a piece of jewellery as a surprise gift. How should I take the measurements?

Simply take several measurements of the intended recipient (wrist, arm length, head circumference, etc.) without forgetting the measurement needed for the jewellery of course. This will have the effect of "creating a smoke screen" so the person will remain in doubt about what sort of gift is in the offing. Do not hesitate to contact us by phone or email if you need help.

Do you treat the horsehair ?

We do not apply any chemical nor other treatment to the hair. We only wash it with soap when needed before weaving.

Do I have to pay taxes or import fees ?

If your delivery address is within the EU, 20% VAT is included. Product prices for all other destinations do not include VAT. WORLDWIDE CUSTOMERS: The goods usually go through customs and you will probably have to pay import fees and taxes on receipt. The rules and regulations vary from country to country and state to state, so please contact your customs office for further details.

Can I take a bath or a shower wearing my jewellery ?

The horsehair is water resistant, so you can, of course take a shower or a bath with your jewellery. However avoid swimming in a pool with gold jewellery as chlorine tends to discolour the metal and may damage the weaving.

Can I see your jewellery in shops ?

Your jewellery is custom made just for you; we do not have ready-made stock that you might find in a physical store. However, we regularly participate in equestrian events at which we present the Caracole jewellery. To follow our travels, check our calendar.

What means of payment do you accept ?

We accept payment by credit card, Visa and MasterCard, American Express, bank transfer and check. You can also pay in 2 times free of charge with Credit Card, Visa, MasterCard and American Express if your order is over 300€. For security reasons, Caracole does not accept payment in cash or money order.

Our credit card payment system is provided by Payzen, and secured by SSL standards, the safer encryption protocol. Your bank details are encrypted directly without going through our site. Caracole does not store any banking information concerning you.

What is the meaning of Caracole ?

Caracole comes from the Spanish root "caracol" which means "snail". The Iberian snail gave its name to a singular military tactic performed by light cavalry developed during the 16th century. This consisted of a clear attack followed by a strategic withdrawal before a new attack. The shell of the snail calls to mind the circular movement of the troops, so this term is still used in dressage by a few insiders to describe a demi-volte.